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Ideas For Promoting Your School With Custom Made T-Shirts

High school and college are big deals when you enter. The next four years will have a huge impact on your education and social life. Because of this, it’s important to encourage students to participate and feel included. The closer they feel to the school, the more motivated they will be. One good way to promote student involvement and your school in general is to hold a promotional t-shirt giveaway.

Student Orientation

Welcoming packages are aptly named; if done right, they will make a new student feel like a part of things right off the bat. And what better way to welcome an incoming class than to give them school shirts?

Freshmen often feel uncertain when they step through an institution’s doors for the first time. They don’t know what to expect, or what kind of atmosphere will be waiting for them. By handing them a shirt with the school’s logo or mascot, you’re giving them a way to feel included. The better their mood, the more likely they are to make friends and get involved in their studies. Try giving out shirts during student orientation, or let dorms hand them out when students check in for the first time.

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Yearly Events

School spirit doesn’t have to stop with the freshmen. Students who are already involved would love to wear a shirt in the school’s colors, especially to the next sports game. Try passing shirts out in the weeks leading up to the big game, or giving them out when tickets are purchased. A stadium full of your team’s colors is a sure way to help the players to victory.

You can hand out shirts at other events, too; try giving them as rewards for a raffle, or rewarding students with a party after finals. When the next semester starts, those students are going to walk through the halls, and spread school spirit just by going about their normal activities.

Graduating Classes

After four years at an institution, you’re bound to have fondness for the place. Many graduates wear their school’s letters proudly. A shirt in their closet reminds them of the great times they had, even if they only pull it out once in a while. And don’t forget class reunions; whether they’re bringing the shirts from their senior year or getting new ones at the event, the colors and design are sure to bring back memories.

Giving your students a shirt makes them a representative of the school, even if it’s just in a small fashion. Wherever they go, from the grocery store to a concert to a charity event, they will still feel an attachment to their institution. Those shirts show them that they have the school’s trust, and encourage them to make their alma mater proud.

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