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Business Growth Strategies: Ignite Your Startup With Custom T-Shirts

Ready to boost your visibility, sales and bottom line?

These custom printed clothing solutions could be just what you need to ignite your small business, create a buzz, and drive in real leads while maintaining a budget.

7 Reasons to Use Custom Branded Clothing


7 Reasons To Rock Your Brand On Your Clothes:

  1. Stand out from the crowd and be advertising all the time
  2. Low cost – high ROI
  3. Turn consumers into walking billboards at a fraction of the expense
  4. Create real buzz in the street that becomes word of mouth marketing
  5. Conversation starters for 24/7 networking
  6. Convert local consumers into hot leads, avoiding online competition
  7. Creates emotional branding which creates loyal fans and brand evangelists

Will I Find Customizable Clothing Options That Fit My Style?

DFC Screen Printing has rolled out a wide variety of custom printed clothing options to fit every entrepreneur, startup, season and lifestyle.

Check out:

Where To Wear It?

The awesome thing about having so many customizable clothing options for your startup is that you can wear your brand everywhere, and so can others. This means constantly creating lead generation opportunities and a growing loyal band of brand ambassadors.

Custom printed t-shirts can be worn everywhere today. Branded athletic gear can be worn to the gym, for running, or on the golf course. How about sponsoring a volleyball or softball team?

Other great occasions include family trips, networking functions, conventions, and to gatherings where you don’t feel comfortable hard selling but hate to miss opportunities; like church events or when out volunteering in the community.

But, There’s A Catch!

Isn’t there always? So what’s the catch or fine print that startups need to pay attention to here?

Simply throwing your logo or business name on a custom printed t-shirt can be great for the ego, and can absolutely boost brand visibility. However, unless you have a really catchy name or don’t care about driving in leads and real dollars, you need one more thing to make it work and maximize results…

Well 2 things actually:

  1. A call to action
  2. Contact information

Odds are not everyone that sees your wearable branding will get the chance to connect and ask you about it directly. So actively encourage them to call you on their mobile, visit your website or follow you on social media, with a catchy slogan.

If you find you are more of a numbers or technical person, and design isn’t really your cup of tea, you’ll be glad you came to DFC Screen Printing where you will find many extremely talented designers and artists waiting to help.

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