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A Guide to Ordering Custom Shirts Online

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You can get just about anything you need on the Internet, without ever having to speak to a soul. Ordering custom garments from DFC Screen Printing is no different.

Trepidation at ordering custom shirts without human interaction isn’t uncommon. There is a degree of uncertainty in the process, on first glance. But ordering custom shirts is a painless and easy process.

This guide is intended to remove some of that uncertainty and replace it with the glowing warmth of confidence. We’ll go through the whole thing, step by step.

Ordering Custom T-Shirts As Easy As 1-2-3-4


Sending the Artwork

Correctly printed artwork is one of the primary concerns of most customers. Without a background in graphic design, you might not be sure that your artwork meets our criteria. <This post (Behind the Curtains)> talks about preparing your artwork.

Still, if you want us to give it a once over before you get the ball rolling, just attach the artwork to a message, using the Contact Us link. We can give you an impartial opinion on any changes that need to be made. We can even help make it perfect. You wouldn’t be the first person to come to us with questions about graphics.  

Once the artwork is ready for production, send it to us via email at the same link. If you’re designing a shirt, upload the image for your design in the Design Your Shirt section.

Designing the Shirt

Would you buy a car that you had never taken on a test drive? Probably not, just as you wouldn’t buy a custom shirt you haven’t seen before.

We’d love to have you test drive the shirt, but it’s just not feasible. The next best thing is the Design Your Shirt tool, which is a great way to try some different ideas before settling on the best one. Upload your image and try it on a variety of different shirts and add to it with lettering, numbers, and clip art. Seeing the different design elements in place helps to translate your vision of the perfect shirt. Even if you have strong ideas about your shirt, we recommend playing with this tool to cover all the possibilities.

No matter what method you choose we will always send you an art proof for your approval before production begins.

A Shirt for Every Occasion

There are a lot of fabric and color options for shirts. Hopefully, you’ve got some idea of what you want in a shirt. We’ve covered a lot of the options in past posts, like Cotton vs. WickingThe Different Types of Cotton and Fabric Options for Button Downs. These resources are good for educational purposes, but you probably already have a fabric in mind, even if you don’t know its name. Go grab your favorite shirt. If you haven’t torn out the tags, you should see the name of the material.

We’ve done our best to give a faithful representation of the colors we offer, though differences in light vary the appearance considerably. It’s strongly recommended that you use the Shirt Designer to get a feel for how your design looks on a particular shirt color.

Print Method

You’ve got some weighty decisions to make about print method, or embroidery, if that’s the direction you want to go.

Screen Printing

  • Screen Printing - This is the classic method of printing to shirts. It creates a vibrant design by laying down layers of ink on the shirt. These prints are durable and last as long as the shirt, sometimes. There are some powerful specialty screen printing techniques these days, so expect that there’s a way to screen print most designs.


  • Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) - This is perfect for creating very detailed designs on your garments, including those with the intricacy of a photograph. Using a printer very much like the ones you are used to, the image is printed onto the shirt. The dye isn’t quite as durable as what you get from screen printing, but it is softer and more detailed. This method is perfect for very small orders, particularly when you need customized artwork on individual shirts.


  • Embroidery – Embroidery is a classic solution for spare shirt designs that include the name of a business on the breast, for example. Embroidery can be costly, but ideal for small designs. Above all, embroidery bespeaks professionalism.


  • Names and Numbers – This method is the perfect choice for most sports teams. Consider that while all sports uniforms have common elements, there is a degree of customization that makes screen printing poorly suited to such a job. DTG would work well, except the graphics need to survive the rigors of sport. Names and numbers, which utilizes a heat transfer ink, is the perfect solution. Rugged, highly customizable, and cost-effective.

Final Proof

We’re here to give you the best possible product. Before production starts, we email you a digital proof of your shirt to make certain it is exactly what you want. This is the best mock up of what your product looks like in real life. If you see something out of place, let us know, and we’ll fix it right away.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards, as well as checks, which must be sent physically. We wait for checks to clear before beginning production, so it might take a little while.

We also do purchase orders from recognized schools and school districts. If we can verify that you’re the real deal, we’ll bill you once you receive your order.

It’s That Easy

After years in the custom garment business, we have this process fine tuned for speed and accuracy. You’re going to get the professional care and attention to detail you’d receive by visiting us in person. We look forward to filling your order!


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